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Are you ready to embark on an extraordinary adventure exploring some of the many wonders of New Zealand’s South Island? 

If you’ve been eyeing a trip to the South Island, one of the best ways to experience its pristine landscapes, rugged mountains, dramatic coastlines, serene lakes, and much more is from the sky. There’s much to see and experience, but you want to make sure you’re visiting at the right time so you don’t miss out on the true essence of the South Island’s beauty. 

With a variety of South Island flights on offer at True South Flights, there’s something for everyone to choose from. Just remember to charge your phone or bring a camera to capture the breathtaking landscapes and spectacular scenery you will experience during a scenic flight tour. 

Read on to discover the ultimate guide that will get you prepped and ready for your next visit to the South Island so you can experience the best scenic flights on offer. 

The Best Time to Visit the South Island

Choosing the right time to book your trip is very important to make sure you get the most out of your South Island flights without any disruption from unpleasant weather. 

Of course, the weather is naturally unpredictable, so it’s always best to keep an eye on upcoming weather forecasts. With our handy guide, you will have all the information you need for the best times to visit the South Island for optimal scenic flight experiences.  

The Golden Light of Autumn 

When the weather gets colder in New Zealand, it’s a fantastic time to visit the South Island and experience scenic flights. Autumn kicks off from March until May and is a perfect time to visit as you still have some time left to soak up the last bit of those longer sunny days. The weather is still settled, and you can enjoy some sunshine with slightly colder temperatures during the evenings. 

Experience some of the most spectacular colours on offer during this time of year as the landscapes of the South Island turn into a real kaleidoscope of colours with golden shades of gold, orange and red in between the leaves. You might be lucky enough to spot some snow as it begins to fall onto the mountains, making the weather typically mild but still pleasant. 

A great idea is to book a Milford Sound scenic flight tour. This provides an incredible overview of the Milford Sound and endless panoramic views of lakes, forested river valleys, waterfalls, and frosty snow-covered peaks along the way. It’s truly an unforgettable experience as you cross the mountains from Mount Aspiring National Park into the stunning Fiordland National Park. 

Snow-covered Landscapes During Winter 

If you decide to embrace the colder winter temperatures of the South Island from June to August, make sure you pack lots of warm clothes, jackets, and gloves. This is another fantastic time to visit as the crowds start to buzz during the winter tourist ski and snowboarding season, and a cosy atmosphere settles in throughout charming towns and cities.

While the South Island is colder and drier than the North Island, which experiences more rain, this is a perfect opportunity to experience and form a connection with nature. Places like Queenstown, Wanaka, and Mount Cook National Park provide picturesque scenes for photography as they become covered under blankets of snow. 

If you want to book South Island flights during the winter months, opt for a Mt Cook helicopter glacier landing tour. Experience four hours of a variety of stunning South Island scenery as you fly up the main spine of the Southern Alps from Queenstown to Mount Cook, with beautiful views of Wanaka township and Lake Wanaka along the way. The best part of this tour is that you finally get to make a landing on the snow, where you disembark and soak in the magnificent views, take incredible photos and enjoy a bit of fun in the snow. A truly memorable experience that you won’t want to miss out on. 

Wildflowers and Blossoming Views During Spring

Another beautiful time to visit the South Island is during spring when landscapes burst with new life, colourful flowers bloom, and snowmelt feeds into rivers and waterfalls. The fresh and relaxed atmosphere and pleasant weather make spring the best time to explore the stunning scenery, as fewer crowds are around compared to the peak summer season. 

Explore places like Arthur’s Pass, Mount Cook National Park, and the Mackenzie Basin, which showcases vibrant alpine flowers, adding to the already stunning scenery. Temperatures slowly begin to rise, making it a perfect time to experience waterfalls and impressive cascades that are fuller during spring. The glaciers, such as Franz Josef and Fox Glacier, transform into dramatic ice formations, providing a fantastic opportunity for photography and exploration.  

The Glacier Helihike Franz Josef tour is one of True South Flights’ most popular tours. In a single day, you can enjoy the wonders of Mt Cook National Park glaciers. You’ll kick off the day with spectacular scenery as you embark on a one-hour fixed-wing flight from Queenstown to Franz Josef, flying over the Southern Alps, which is home to over 3000 small glaciers. Once you arrive at Franz Josef Glacier, you’ll accompany an experienced tour guide taking you to a deeper part of the glacier on a scenic helicopter flight. It’s an out-of-this-world experience as you explore ice caves and witness the ever-changing wonders of the South Island’s glaciers.  

Spectacular Sunsets During Summer

Summer is a wonderful time to experience all the natural wonders and breathtaking landscapes of New Zealand, making it another good reason to book South Island flights. From December to February, you’ll have the opportunity to make full use of the longer and warmer summer days and nights. This is also a great time to take in the stunning scenery while hiking, sightseeing, and enjoying outdoor activities. 

The warmer summer months showcase stunning scenery, so you can experience places like Tekapo and Wanaka’s turquoise lakes, the majestic peaks of the Southern Alps and the pristine beaches of Abel Tasman National Park. With the summer sun, every corner of the South Island radiates in beauty. Summer evenings are also the best time to enjoy spectacular sunsets over the mountains or lakes. 

Fly-Cruise-Fly is True South Flights’ most popular Milford Sound tour and is perfect to book during summer. The four-hour-long tour overviews the breathtakingly beautiful Milford Sound, where you might spot a few dolphins and penguins as you pass through magnificent waterfalls and sheer granite cliffs. This tour will give you the best of both worlds as you soar across mountain ranges and alpine valleys, lakes and glaciers. 

Ready to Book Your Adventure? 

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