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We are a small bunch of pilots and administrators who share a passion for the wonders of the South Island and customer service, and want to showcase our amazing destinations to both local and international travellers.

Our Team

Peter Daniell – CEO/Chief Pilot

With a lifelong passion for aviation that ignited during his early teenage years, Peter’s fascination with flight led him to the captivating Queenstown area in 2004, where he immediately fell in love by the region’s awe-inspiring landscapes and unique flying experiences. As the founder and CEO, Peter’s leadership has been marked by innovation, dedication, and an unwavering commitment to providing guests with unparalleled adventures. Beyond flying, he’s a motorcycle enthusiast, avid surfer, and motorsports lover. From conquering clouds to waves and tracks, Peter embodies the spirit of exploration in every realm.  

Andrew Wallace – Senior Pilot/Safety Manager

From the laid-back vibes of Waikato, his love for aviation and seeking thrills has whisked him to every corner of the globe, letting him dive into all sorts of roles in the aviation world. Then, in 2022, he stumbled upon what he now considers the most incredible place on Earth aka Central Otago, to put down roots, take to the skies, and live life to the fullest. Beyond rocking the skies as a pilot and making sure things stay safe, he’s all about tearing up mountain trails on his bike, hiking and bringing aircraft back to life through restoration projects.

Jason Yang – Senior Pilot

Born in the bustling metropolis of Shanghai, China, and nurtured amidst the breathtaking landscapes of New Zealand, he joined True South Flights in 2017, where his role as a pilot allows him to introduce passengers to the awe-inspiring beauty of Fiordland National Park, showcasing its lush forests and captivating fjords. Beyond his career, he is all about embracing nature’s awesomeness, chasing new horizons, and digging into some seriously good eats.

Deborah Fraga – Office Manager

An aviation enthusiast, she embarked on a transformative journey when she left Brazil for a New Zealand vacation in 2017. Unbeknownst to her, this adventure would shape her new home and a fulfilling career in aviation. With over five years dedicated to the major airline industry, her path shifted in September 2022 upon joining True South Flights. This transition unveiled her passion for small aircraft, sparking a dedicated commitment to excellent service. After hours, you’ll frequently find her at the local “Altitude” brewery, indulging in the delightful flavors of craft beer.

Belinda Farley – Flight Coordinator

Born in Australia, Belinda’s passion for adventure led her to New Zealand in 2017, where she has since carved a unique path in the industry. For three years, she played a pivotal role as a helicopter loading specialist at Fox Glacier. In her continuous pursuit of growth and new challenges, she relocated to Queenstown in 2022 where she’s worked as a ramp agent for international flights, debunking any luggage mishap myths before joining our team in February 2023. Beyond work, Belinda’s adventurous spirit remains unwavering. She finds joy in mountain biking, running, hiking, and baking delightful treats for the team.

Bethany Russell – Flight Coordinator

Beth is a UK native who made her way to Queenstown in 2013, enticed by the outdoor lifestyle that the region offers. Her professional journey has been primarily within the realm of tourism, with notable roles such as loading helicopters in Fox and Franz Josef and crewing on boats in Milford Sound. In her leisure time, Beth’s passion for the mountains shines through. She enjoys immersing herself in the rugged beauty of the landscape, whether that involves hiking or simply appreciating the natural surroundings. A loyal companion often joins her on these mountain adventures – her beloved dog.

Liam Mackinnon – Senior Pilot

A true “JAFA” (Just Another Friendly Aucklander) at heart, Liam’s adventurous spirit led him to make a bold move to Queenstown, where he set his sights on a thriving career in aviation joining the team in December 2022. With a young face that belies his experience, Liam brings a lot of dedication and skill to his role as a pilot. When he’s not soaring through the skies, you can find him carving his way down the local slopes, and showcasing his barista skills with the company’s La Marzocco coffee machine.

Tanmay Patel – Line Pilot

While originally from India, he spent his upbringing in the lively urban landscape of Auckland. However, his professional pursuit of aviation directed him to Queenstown in the early months of 2023. During his off-duty hours, Tanmay’s immerses himself in the mesmerizing scenery of New Zealand’s South Island. Whether he’s embarking on treks through woodlands or simply taking in the breathtaking vistas, he consistently seeks outdoor escapades. Additionally, Tanmay takes immense pleasure in sampling the eclectic culinary offerings presented by the local eateries in Queenstown.

Luke Hancock – Line Pilot

Coming from the vibrant city of Christchurch, Luke gained his commercial pilot license and moved to Queenstown late October 2023 to join the team. In his leisure time, you’ll often find him casting a line in serene waters, navigating off-road trails in his trusty 4WD or carving up the surf of the Southern seas.    


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