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With temperatures dropping around the country, it is clear that autumn is fast approaching. This is a terrific time of year to experience scenic flights New Zealand-wide, as the weather is still fine and popular destinations are typically less busy. Make the most of our country’s natural beauty with breathtaking scenic flights that New Zealand citizens and international tourists alike can enjoy. Read on for a summary of the most impressive options available. 

Why Choose Scenic Flights in New Zealand? 

Aotearoa boasts some of the most stunning scenery in the world, with pristine beaches, staggering mountains, rolling green fields and dense forests. While our natural landscapes are sure to impress no matter how you experience them, seeing them from the air is truly breathtaking. Don’t believe us? When you take a scenic flight, you can expect the following…

Birds-Eye Views

Scenic flights provide a completely unique perspective that is impossible to achieve by any other mode of transportation. They enable you to grasp the full scope of the scenery, taking in the vastness of our untouched wilderness and seeing things from a birds-eye view. You will be able to capture more detail in the landscape and make memories that last for years to come. Thanks to your exclusive viewpoint, you may also see wildlife that would otherwise be missed from the ground. 


Scenic flights in New Zealand also ensure a thrilling experience unlike any other, providing a sense of adventure you won’t forget anytime soon. Imagine soaring at speed past towering mountain peaks and over stunning braided rivers. Your senses will be on high alert as you are flooded with intense sounds, feelings and, of course, sights. Adrenaline junkies, people with a sense of adventure, and anyone who enjoys sightseeing and trying new things will love the thrill of a scenic flight. 

Unparalleled Proximity 

Scenic flights allow you to get up close and personal with famous landmarks, such as Aoraki (Mount Cook). Allow yourself to be dazzled as you fly around mountaintops with proximity you cannot achieve by any other means. Take a moment to appreciate what you see as you take in the sharp ridges and untouched snow before you. You will also be privy to viewing stunning hidden locations that are unreachable by vehicle.  

Heading Down South

Ready to fly? We’re here to unpack the best scenic flights in New Zealand, and it all takes place in the beautiful South Island. With magnificent expanses, turquoise rivers, brilliant lupin fields and our country’s biggest mountain, it is no surprise this part of New Zealand has captured the hearts of visitors from around the world. Don’t look past the South for unrivalled scenic flights that capture the best of our diverse landscapes. 

Milford Sound

Fiordland National Park covers 1.3 million hectares of untouched beauty. Its crown jewel is Milford Sound, one of thirteen awe-inspiring fjords in the region. Flanked by steep forested cliffs broken up by plunging waterfalls, it stretches out to the Tasman Sea. Vibrant colours and plentiful marine life can be expected here, while those arriving by scenic flight will also witness the area’s rich geological history during the 80-kilometre flight from Queenstown.   

Mount Cook

Did you know roughly 60% of the South Island is covered in mountains? Among them is New Zealand’s tallest peak, Mount Cook, rising 3,724 metres into the sky and towering over its surroundings. A trip to this beautiful gem should be a bucket list item for all Kiwis. Take a scenic flight from sunny Queenstown through the nearly 500-kilometre-long Southern Alps, admiring their breadth and unique formation before soaring around Mount Cook. Valleys spread with golden tussock grasses and gleaming rivers are an added bonus part and parcel of a scenic flight to Aoraki. 


There are more than 3000 glaciers in the Southern Alps. True South Flights offers trips to two of the most famous landmarks, Franz Josef and Tasman Glaciers. Both glaciers are a spectacle to behold, delivering remarkable views while serving as a powerful reminder of the effects of climate change. They also present fantastic skiing runs for those who like to hit the slopes.  

Private Charters

If a solitary adventure is more your idea of fun, why not book a private charter instead of a group scenic flight? True South Flights offers multiple charter flights from Queenstown, enabling passengers to reach remote locations and transport oversized items or cargo easily. Whether you need to move skiing equipment, want to relocate your bike for the Otago Rail Trail, have a business trip in a town with minimal road access, or are looking to be dropped off at the trailhead of a Great Walk, we can help. Our charters are efficient, affordable and offer unprecedented views. 

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