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True South Flights

Picture this: you are soaring high in the air over incredible snow-capped mountains, vast valleys, gleaming rivers, cobalt-blue lakes, and icy glaciers. You are seeing some of New Zealand’s most remarkable scenery up close and personal, from the completely unique perspective of the air. You are sharing this moment not with the masses but with just a few select people. It doesn’t get more special than that.

There are many ways to discover New Zealand’s impressive landscapes, but arguably, the best way is from above. At True South Flights, we’re passionate about sharing this unforgettable experience with others, so we created our heli flights Queenstown experience.

There is nothing quite like experiencing scenery from the air. Flying offers a distinct outlook, delivering views of the same forests, lakes and mountains you can see from the ground, but in a totally different way that enables you to appreciate them anew. It also provides a level of excitement you simply can’t get from any other mode of transport. Trust us, the heart-stopping thrill you will experience on our heli flights above and beyond Queenstown is truly one-of-a-kind. 

Read on to learn what to expect from True South Flights’ heli flights, then start planning your perfect trip. What are you waiting for? 

Trust the Experts 

For over a decade, the True South Flights team has operated flights from Queenstown to Fiordland, Mount Cook – New Zealand’s highest mountain – Tasman Glacier and Franz Josef Glacier. Our relatively small team consists of experienced pilots and friendly administrative staff, ready to deliver unforgettable excursions. 

We pride ourselves on offering personalised customer service and treating our clients like family. When you fly with us, you will be given a warm welcome and made to feel at home for the duration of the trip. We aren’t just taking you from A to B; we’re committed to delivering an exceptional experience from start to finish. 

As Queenstown’s premier scenic flight operator, it is our mission to provide a smooth, streamlined service that will be a highlight of any holiday. We offer customised trips in addition to our selection of proven tours. If you are interested in this, please contact us directly to discuss. 

Your Heli Flight Itinerary

When flying with True South Flights, you can expect only the best service. All tours include complimentary transport from central Queenstown accommodation to our office at the Remarkables Shopping Centre. Pick-up times are typically fifty minutes before flight departures. 

Upon arriving at our office, our friendly staff will check you in and go over all relevant information. You will then be transported to Queenstown Airport to begin your excursion. All flights feature window seats, include informative commentary from our knowledgeable pilots and are executed with the highest level of professionalism and safety. 

Heli Hikes

We provide two heli hiking trips, our Franz Josef Glacier Heli Hike and our Tasman Glacier Heli Hike. Both journeys start with a one-hour fixed-wing flight from Queenstown over the beautiful Southern Alps – home to more than 3000 glaciers –- before touching down at their respective locations. After touching down, we will introduce you to our friendly, experienced partner, Alpine Guides. You be supplied with crampons, boots, socks and ice axes for your hike and listen to a comprehensive safety briefing. 

Your skilled guides will take you on a scenic helicopter ride deep into the glacier. You will touch down, fit your crampons, and spend two incredible hours on the glacier ice, exploring ice caves and other unique formations. Enjoy the helicopter flight out of the glacier, and the scenic plane ride back to Queenstown. The Franz Josef Glacier Heli Hike is 7.5 hours long, and the Tasman Glacier Heli Hike is 7 hours long for an all-day experience.

Heli Skiing

Allow 8 hours for our two ski tours, Mount Cook Heli Ski and Ski the Tasman. These tours are designed for those who love to hit the ski slopes and are seeking stunning views along the way. 

Mount Cook Heli Ski

A fixed-wing flight will take you from Queenstown Airport to Glentanner Airport to meet our trusted partner, Alpine Guides. Listen to the safety briefing, then board the helicopter for a four-person tour to some of New Zealand’s highest helicopter landing areas. Enjoy five thrilling ski runs over up to six mountains within Mount Cook National Park and have lunch in the snow. Runs complete, you will cruise back to Glentanner Airport, followed by Queenstown Airport. 

Ski The Tasman

Marvel at the South Island scenery as our fixed-wing plane takes you from Queenstown to Mount Cook Airport. Our partners at Alpine Guides will transport you by ski plane to the top of Tasman Glacier, the largest glacier in New Zealand. Exalt in two exhilarating runs down its 8-to-10-kilometre ski run – one of the longest in the country – and delight in a picnic lunch. Return by ski plane to Mount Cook airport, where our True South Pilots will take you back to Queenstown. With this tour, we can bring your ski equipment or assist you with hiring it in Mount Cook. 

Helicopter Glacier Landing

This half-day tour features a direct scenic fixed-wing flight from Queenstown to Glentanner Airport of Franz Josef Glacier, followed by a helicopter flight with our partner Helicopter Line to your chosen destination. An exciting landing follows an unforgettable round-trip of Mount Cook in the snow. Now you can disembark, play in the powder and take as many photos as you like. Back on your True South Flights aircraft, your pilot will take you on an alternative route to Queenstown (weather permitting). Allow three-and-a-half hours for this tour. 

Plan Your Heli Adventure With True South Flights

With our heli flights Queenstown experience, breathtaking views are just a flight away. Embark on the trip of a lifetime with an adrenaline-pumping heli excursion you won’t be forgetting any time soon. 

Don’t miss the opportunity to witness this beautiful corner of New Zealand and the world from above. Let our friendly, trusted team take you on your greatest adventure yet.

Book your journey online today, or contact us with any questions or to learn more. We can’t wait to help you plan your trip.