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Interested in exploring some of New Zealand’s most beautiful, dramatic scenery? Thinking of booking a flight to experience it from the air? There are plenty of stunning scenic flights NZ-wide, but the lower South Island is an area you won’t regret viewing from above. 

Featuring some of the most incredible scenery in Aotearoa and, we think, the world, this corner of the country is home to expansive grasslands, jade-green braided rivers, pristine glaciers and glittering lakes. And let’s not forget the dense forests of Fiordland National Park and the jagged mountains of Mount Cook National Park

Yes, the South Island is the place to go if you are looking for unrivalled beauty, especially if you want to see it from the sky. But like any activity that involves exposure to the elements, the weather can impact scenic flights.

Read on to learn more about our scenic flights in the South Island, NZ, and to learn how the weather could affect your trip and how you can prepare. 

Is A Scenic Flight For Me? 

So you want to see the South Island’s exquisite scenery for yourself. If you’ve never been on a scenic flight, you might be thinking: How do I know if this kind of excursion is for me? What if I’ve never been on a small plane before? What if I’m afraid of heights? 

Don’t let the adventurous element scare you – our scenic flights really do offer something for everyone. Simply put, if you want to discover the best of the South Island from an unforgettable, unique perspective, a scenic flight is absolutely for you! 

When you meet our experienced, friendly team, any concerns you have will be put to rest. Our pilots are highly skilled and have been in the game long enough to know how to deal with any number of situations up in the air. They’re also extremely knowledgeable, and you’ll probably be so captivated by their insightful commentary on the surrounding scenery that you will quickly forget any lingering fears about heights.

Sit back, relax and enjoy the journey, knowing you couldn’t be in more capable hands. 

Understanding the Elements

We offer scenic flights from Queenstown to Milford Sound, Mount Cook, Franz Josef Glacier and Tasman Glacier. We also offer charter flights to specific destinations nearby for five to thirteen passengers.

Any scenic flight in NZ can be impacted by bad weather, but mountainous regions like the lower South Island are particularly susceptible to changeable conditions. Weather factors such as fog, precipitation, snow, wind gusts and humidity can significantly impact flights on regular aircraft and helicopters. 

Specifically, the standard flight path to stunning Milford Sound can be subject to weather conditions that occasionally result in a detour. Regardless, passengers will still be able to enjoy terrific views of the fjords and valleys below in a safe and comfortable environment.

Tasman Glacier is another location that can be impacted by changing weather conditions. Rain is frequent on the western side of the glacier, but luckily, we can switch to the Franz Josef Glacier on the other side of the mountain if this is the case. Both tours are similar in scope and style and equally impressive.

For the hour-long flight from Queenstown to Mount Cook, we strive to take an alternative route on the return trip if weather conditions allow. 

Whatever the Weather?

Our pilots have extensive experience dealing with all kinds of weather. We continuously monitor the situation and ask passengers to call and confirm weather conditions 60 minutes before departure. 

If weather conditions are suitable for flying, rest assured that our pilots will also monitor the situation throughout the duration of the flight and are trained to fly and land safely in rapidly changing conditions.

Book With Confidence

Occasionally, the weather is so bad that we cannot safely conduct a flight. In this unfortunate instance, you will have the option to receive a full refund or to rebook for the next available flight.

Sometimes the weather can be turbulent but still safe to fly. If this is the case, you can proceed with the flight, rebook the next available flight, or receive a full refund. Usually, passengers don’t notice turbulence once the flight is underway and the beauty of the South Island unfurls beneath. 

We operate year-round so you can book a flight with us at your convenience.

Prepare For Your Scenic Flight NZ Experience

There’s nothing worse than embarking on a day trip and leaving behind something essential. Don’t get caught out; come prepared with our list of essential items.  

  • Warm clothing:  Even on a sunny day, it can get cold up in the sky, on the water of Milford Sounds and on the snow and ice of our mountains and glaciers. Stay toasty with a thick sweater or jacket, and in winter, bring gloves and a beanie in case the temperature really drops. 
  • Rainwear: Remember to pack a sturdy raincoat. You won’t need it during the flight, but if you’ve booked a tour that includes on-the-ground exploring, it’s going to come in handy.
  • Practical shoes: This is not the trip for high heels or sandals. Wear comfortable, covered shoes, like sneakers or hiking boots, that you are happy standing in and walking in for extended periods of time.
  • Eye protection:  Don’t spend the entirety of your flight glaring against the light. A good pair of sunglasses will be your best friend when you’re this close to the sun.
  • Sunscreen:  Stay protected against harsh UV rays with good-quality sunscreen. A hat won’t hurt, either.
  • Camera:  It might seem obvious, but a camera simply has to be on your list. Whether you use a digital camera, your smartphone or other accessories like GoPros, taking some form of camera with you is the only way you can document your exciting trip. Make sure your camera is fully charged and has enough space to take loads of photos and videos!

Book Your Scenic Flights NZ 

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