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With so many beautiful sights to experience in the world, we’ve lined up the best ones to see from above.

The Grand Canyon, United States of America

The best way—some would say the ONLY way—to experience the Grand Canyon is through a scenic flight. At 446 kilometres long, 29 kilometres wide and 1,800 meters deep, its immense size is best appreciated from above. Grand Canyon scenic flights can take you over the Grand Canyon National Park, the Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, the Grand Canyon West and the Colorado River, showcasing the fascinating, intricate and rocky landscape that is thought to be many millions of years old.

The Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Another of the world’s natural wonders that makes for an epic scenic flight is Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. Like the Grand Canyon, the Great Barrier Reef can be seen from space, but you don’t need to venture that far to get an incredible view. 360-degree views from your scenic flight over the Great Barrier Reef will have you marvelling at stunning blue-green waters, vast stretches of coral, remote tropical islands and—if you’re lucky—glimpses of marine wildlife such as whales, sea turtles and dugongs.

Victoria Falls, Zambia/Zimbabwe

The Victoria Falls is one of Southern Africa’s biggest tourist attractions. At 100 metres high, the waterfall isn’t the tallest, but what it lacks in height it makes up for in width. Measuring a whopping 1,708 metres wide, it is considered the world’s largest waterfall.  One of the best parts about a scenic flight over the Victoria Falls is not just the impressive sight of the roaring Zambezi River spilling over the side of a cliff face, but the added bonus of spotting distinctive African wildlife in the savannah below. Lucky customers may see elephants, buffalo, giraffes, zebras, hippopotamuses and more.

New York City, United States of America

It’s not just natural wonders that make for the best scenic flights, some cities are pretty special from above too! New York City is just one of these, with a scenic flight offering a relatively quick and unique way to check out all the major landmarks in the sprawling metropolis. A New York City tour by helicopter or seaplane will let you see the Hudson River, Central Park, the State of Liberty, the Empire State Building, Madison Square Garden and more.

Milford Sound, New Zealand

We had to do it! We wouldn’t be true to ourselves or our readers if we didn’t feature our very own Milford Sound. A Milford Sound scenic flight takes the cake for its remarkable mix of scenery featuring magnificent mountains, gushing waterfalls, powdery snow, sparkling glaciers, abundant native bush and eerily calm bodies of water. Our amazing pilots fly low enough to offer close and unobstructed views of some of the best sights in New Zealand’s South Island—which we think are some of the best sights in the world.