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Thundering waterfalls, statuesque peaks, unique geological formations and an abundance of marine life are just some of the breathtaking elements found in and around Milford Sound

Unsurprisingly, this incredible natural wonder is the best-known fjord in Fiordland National Park, a protected area spanning 1.3 million hectares located in the southwest corner of the South Island. Along with Mt Aspiring National Park, Mt Cook National Park and Westland National Park, Fiordland National Park forms Te Wahipounamu, which has been recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its ecological significance.

Formed by the erosion of ancient glaciers, Milford Sound is actually a fjord rather than a sound. The sharp walls of the valley are the result of melting ice, which moulded the height and shape of the cliffs evident today.

Running an impressive fifteen kilometres inland from the Tasman Sea, Milford Sound is best known for towering Mitre Peak mountain, fairytale Lady Bowen Falls, and Stirling Falls. Characterised by broad landscapes and vibrant colours, there is something for everyone here, from adventure lovers and hikers to photographers.

Both locals and visitors to Aotearoa should experience the beauty of this fjord at least once – and seeing it from the air with a Milford Sound Scenic Flight promises an unforgettable trip. 

Read on for everything you need to know to plan the perfect adventure. 

Why Visit Milford Sound?

Famously described by Rudyard Kipling as the “eighth wonder of the world”, Milford Sound is a wilderness paradise. Here, you will find an enticing combination of forested cliffs, dramatic mountain peaks and shimmering waters that have to be seen to be believed. 

Listen for the calls of bird life and watch closely for the splash of sea creatures as you pass through the bush and glide over the water. Learn the origins of the park’s precious flora and fauna. Discover the ancient geological history of an area that is millions of years in the making. 

This is the place for you if you’re chasing untouched nature in its rawest form. 

Colour Contrast

The juxtaposing colours may be the first thing you’ll notice flying over Milford Sound. Silvery waterfalls split the rich green of dense native forest before meeting the deep blue waters of the Tasman Sea. 

Wonderful Wildlife

Fiordland National Park is home to an array of native birds, including the kea, tui and korimako. You can also expect to see your fair share of marine life, with penguins, dolphins, and fur seal colonies among some of the most commonly seen creatures. 

Remarkable Rocks 

Some of the oldest rocks in New Zealand belong in the Fiordland region, which was formed by glaciers millions of years ago. Volcanic activity led to the masses of granite, gneiss, and schist, which is evident today. Flying into Milford Sound is the best way to witness the region’s unique geological landscape. 

Your Milford Sound Trip Planner

There’s more than one way to experience the Milford Sound; arguably, the most spectacular option is from the air. The capable team at True South Flights has been providing spectacular flight packages to the region for over a decade and is perfectly placed to take you on your adventure. And with all packages, including complimentary accommodation transfers to and from Queenstown Airport, you can sit back and enjoy.


Looking for the best of both worlds? See it with our most popular scenic flight package from the water and the air. Your Fly-Cruise-Fly scenic flight tour will depart Queenstown Airport. Expect a guaranteed window seat as our friendly team safely carries you over classic South Island scenery. Throughout the 80-kilometre flight, you will soar above beautiful alpine valleys, stunning lakes, and three mountain ranges. 

After touching down at Milford Sound Airport, your pilot will guide you to the boat terminal. Meet and greet our cruise boat partners, then jump aboard the Gem of the Sound for a two-hour cruise through the depths of the fjord. The skipper’s informative commentary will teach you all about the area’s history and geography. 

Milford Overflight

If you’re short on time, look no further than True South Flights’ Overflight package. Enjoy window-seat views of the best the region has to offer, with a bird’s eye look at snow-capped mountains, iridescent lakes and glacial rivers. Take an in-depth look at Milford Sound as you fly over the fjord for a full hour – all while listening to our pilot’s fabulous commentary. This flight-only option is perfect for adventure seekers on the go.


A three-pronged Milford Sound experience is also on offer. For those seeking the total package, this nine-hour, all-day affair is it. Your luxury coach will take you through the gorgeous Eglington Valley, with stops at the idyllic lakeshore Te Anau township and nearby Mirror Lakes. Arriving in Milford Sound, indulge in an unmissable two-hour cruise boat trip out to the mouth of the ocean before an exhilarating flight back to Queenstown Airport. 

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