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If you’ve been in Aotearoa long enough, then you’ve definitely heard of Milford Sound. Spanning a sizable portion of Fiordland National Park, Milford Sound is iconic around the world for its stunning vista from land, sea, and sky.

For many, a trip to Milford Sound is a defining experience. It’s an incredible display of natural beauty, and the journey through Fiordland is worth travelling from anywhere in the country (or the world).

Looking to make the most of your scenic visit with some Milford Sound activities? Read on as we unpack what to expect from the region and the three options we offer at True South Flights to make your trip extra magical.

The Natural Beauty of Milford Sound

Milford Sound is technically not a sound but a fjord. It is one of thirteen beautiful fjords in Fiordland National Park, which covers over 1.3 million hectares. Thanks to millions of years of volcanic eruptions and tectonic activity in the region, this area plays host to the Southern Alps along the Alpine Fault Line.

And winding through it all, water. Thanks to the climate in the region, the sheer sides of the mountains filter rainwater to create icy springs, and on rainy days, it’s easy to see the thousands of tiny waterfalls dotting the sheer cliffs.

Playing home to fur seal colonies, penguins, and even dolphins, Milford Sound is the most commonly visited of the region’s thirteen fjords. With beautiful spanning waters and mountains rising from the surfaces, this fifteen-kilometre natural wonder is not to be missed.

Suffice it to say, this is one of the most stunning places in Aotearoa, if not the world. The cool, tranquil water, the earthy greens and greys, and the thousands of waterfalls dotting the landscape make this an absolute must-visit.

Three Ways to Experience Milford Sound

At True Flights, we offer three packages to make the most of your trip to Milford Sound. We’ll tackle them in ascending order of time and price so you can choose the best experience for your trip. The True South Flights packages for Milford Sound include:

Milford Overflight

Let’s begin with Milford Sound from the air. Our Milford Overflight package includes a return flight from Queenstown Airfield to Milford Sound, so this is ideal if you don’t want to make the sometimes treacherous drive. Cross the mountain ranges at altitude, beginning from Mount Aspiring National Park all the way over Fiordland National Park.

From the air, you’ll be able to see uninterrupted views of iconic landmarks, including Mitre Peak, the resident glaciers, and the Stirling and Lady Bowen Falls. Take in the panoramic views with an experienced pilot at the wheel so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy.

Fly -Cruise-Fly

Building on the scenic flight option, why not experience Milford Sound from cruising altitude? Our resident pilots will fly you from Queenstown Airport to Milford Sound, touching down at the local airport so you can make your cruise.

Once on land, we’ll escort you to meet up with our cruise partners – Pure Milford – so they can show you Milford Sound activities at the water level. This two-hour boat cruise around the fjord lets you get up close with some native wildlife. You might see seals, penguins, and even the occasional dolphin as thousands of waterfalls form the backdrop of your experience. Once back on shore, we’ll reconnect with you and fly you back to your vehicle in the comfort of your own plane.

Coach Cruise Fly

Ready to spend the day seeing all that Milford Sound has to offer? Our Coach-Cruise-Fly option is a full-day package allowing you to see the fjord from all angles: land, sea, and sky. Not only will you explore the Sound itself, but we’ll take you on a guided tour of the surrounding region, including Eglington Valley, Te Anau township, and the iconic Mirror Lakes, for a once-in-a-lifetime view and incredible photo opportunities.

From there, you’ll connect with our cruise partners to enjoy a two-hour round-trip cruise before finally hopping your flight home. Witness everything you saw from sea level from a bird’s eye view. This is the best way to truly comprehend the sheer scale and wonder of Milford Sound and the surrounding National Parks. If you enjoy travelling with no holds barred, this is for you.

See Milford Sound your way with True South Flights.

Ready to make the most of your trip down south with some Milford Sound activities? Book your incredible Milford Sound experience today, or reach out to our team if you have any further questions.