Scenic Flights South Island

Aoraki Mt Cook National Park contains the most dramatic views in New Zealand. The tallest peaks in the country are here, with Mt Cook itself rising 12,300ft above sea level. Adjoining Mt Cook and carving its eastern base is the Tasman Glacier, the longest in New Zealand at 27 kilometers. The dry, flat Mackenzie basin is home to the massive glacial lakes running from Aoraki/Mt Cook and the Southern Alps. The lakes have a pale, milky color due to the miles-wide braided rivers running directly from the glaciers.

The park has a rich history of mountain climbing expedition. Sir Edmund Hillary used the park as his training ground for his successful attempt to be the first to climb Mt Everest. The Hermitage Hotel, as well as being the base camp for Hillary and thousands of other climbers since 1884, is home to the Sir Edmund Hillary Alpine Centre. 

On the western side of the Southern Alps and Aoraki/Mt Cook, Westland Tai Poutini National Park fades out into the Tasman Sea. Facing directly into the prevailing Northwest winds, the Westland Tai Poutini National Park receives 10-15 meters of rain per year, far more than the eastern side.

Lush rainforests cover the western side, from the mountain slopes all the way out to sea, continuously encroaching on the towns and roads. The park is known for the Fox and Franz Josef Glaciers, though there are several more glaciers that feed the rivers and valleys out to the Tasman Sea.

A scenic flight is definitely one of the best ways to view this dramatic and beautiful South Island scenery. Choose from our options below.

South Island Scenic Flights

Mt. Cook - Ski the Tasman

Fly from Queenstown to Mt. Cook to ski the Tasman Glacier: the longest glacier in New Zealand!

Adult $1497 Child $1497

Allow 9 hrs 2 hrs

Glacier Heli Hike

The one-hour flight from Queenstown to the Mt. Cook / Aoraki National Park is certainly spectacular, but the highlight of this trip is the Glacier Heli-Hike.

Adult $1299 Child $1099

Mt Cook Scenic Flights

An unforgettable scenic flight seeing adventure into the heart of the Southern Alps and around New Zealand's tallest mountain.

Adult $599 Child $350

Helicopter Glacier Landing

Flying up the main spine of the Southern Alps direct from Queenstown to Fox Glacier airstrip or the Mt. Cook Airport. Board a helicopter to fly around Mt. Cook with a landing on a glacier.

Adult $1199 Child $949

3hr 30m 2hr 45m