Queenstown Charter Flights

We have a variety of aircraft available for private charter departing Queenstown: Cessna 208B (13 passengers), a Piper PA32R (5 passengers) and three GippsAero Airvans (7 passengers). Seats can be removed for cargo, bicycles, skis, baggage, etc.

We can facilitate all sorts of transport:

  • Same-day oversize package delivery
  • Family ski trips: avoid the icy roads
  • Business appointments in rural towns on a tight schedule
  • Company trips/incentives
  • Cycling transport for the Otago Rail Trail

South Island Destinations

We have access to hundreds of small airstrips that dot the landscape of the South Island, in some cases putting you right next to your destination with no need for a rental car or taxi. If you need to stay overnight and fly back to Queenstown, overnight charges will apply. Flights are weather dependent.

Hiking Track Transport

Escape the crowded tracks and experience the remote New Zealand back country.

Hollyford Track: fly into Martins Bay to join the track from the west coast.

Pyke River: land on the beach at Big Bay to start the Pyke River track. Follow along Lake Alabaster, then back into the Hollyford Valley.

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