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Tips for nervous flyers

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We’ve been operating our South Island scenic flights and commercial transport since 2012 and over that time, we've come across hundreds of different people with varying degrees of anxiety when it comes to flying. For some, it’s a heights issue, and flying is nerve-wracking no matter what. Others suffer from claustrophobia and struggle with being in a confined place for a set amount of time. Occasionally, we have somebody who can sit on a major flight between cities without batting an eyelid—but has a specific fear of small planes. These fears and anxieties are not uncommon, so we’ve put together some tips to help you cope if you’re feeling a little nervous. We want you to enjoy yourself as much as possible! These tips are based on practical experience and what we’ve seen help over the years.

Stunning South Island

Practice deep breathing

Taking deep breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth has been proven to decrease stress, lower your heart rate and regulate your blood pressure by letting sufficient oxygen circulate around the body. Start this before you climb aboard and continue throughout take-off and before you know it, you’ll be so blown away by the incredible views from your Mount Cook or Milford Sound flight that you’ve forgotten all about the nerves!

The art of distraction

One of our top tips: bring a friend! The less you focus on your anxious feelings, the more comfortable you’ll be. Having a friend with you or being art of a group can ease the nerves by giving you a sense of familiarity and the simple yet effective distraction of easy conversation.

Heed our safety briefing

We take safety very seriously and give all passengers a full safety briefing before take-off. Listening to the briefing, asking questions and ensuring you have a good grasp on what actions to take in the extremely unlikely event of an emergency can relieve unease by giving a sense of confidence and preparedness.

Check out our experience

We’re lucky enough to have some of the best pilots around operating our scenic flights. Our CEO Peter Daniell has over 12 years of experience in the Fiordland area and our other pilots teeming with local knowledge and eager to share their love for this beautiful country.  Not only that, but they understand the unique and often-complex weather in the region like nobody else. If the weather is unsafe for flying, we won’t fly. You’re in good hands with True South and we can’t wait to welcome you on board!

Winter Special

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We've reduced the price on the Queenstown and Milford Sound Scenic Flight, down to $289 from $395 per person for the 9am departure (returning by 10:30am). Book now and make sure to mention 9AM289 in the 'additional requirements or message' field, or make an enquiry with 9AM289 in the 'message' field to take advantage of this offer!

True South Flights Chief Pilot Peter Daniell featured on Plane Crazy Down Under podcast

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True South Flights Wins Certificate of Excellence for 2013 from Trip Advisor

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True South Flights is proud to be awarded the 2013 Certificate of Excellence from Trip Advisor. This award signifies that we are part of the top 10% of all operators world-wide. We take great pride in our customer service, and reviews from our customers are always appreciated. Thanks!

Milford Sound Deals on Twitter!

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Follow us on facebook at  for amazing deals on flights to Milford Sound!

True South Flights introduces GPS tracks on charter flights

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After extensive beta testing, True South Flights is proud to be rolling out GPS Tracks for each charter flight. Now each passenger will have online access to a personalized digital map of their flight, free of charge. Here's an example of a typical Milford Sound flight map:

Congratulations to Roydon Wells

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Congratulations to former True South Flights pilot Roydon Wells on his new job in Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas, flying single pilot IFR in Cessna 208s for UPS!

Alex Turnbull Featured on Aviation Podcast

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Instructor Alex Turnbull was featured on two aviation podcasts this month: Hangar Flying with Steve Satre, and The Flying Podcast. Have a listen and share with anyone curious about flying at True South Flights.